Summer days are drifting away… already

So it’s that time of year again. School is out ( at least for seniors ) and the sun is in. And I’m starting a blog. Yay! This is my second attempt to start a blog. The first time didnt go so well (obviously) as I quickly became burried in school work and fun activities with friends. Hopefully this summer I will still be busy with friends but not burried in school work, yes that’s no more homework for at least two months, wahooo!

It is now the 4th day of summer and only 5 more days until I am officially a high school graduate. Woah. I can’t believe these past 12 years are coming to a close. The last 4 years have zoomed by and I am not quite sure I am ready for them to be over. But I guess time continues to move whether we are ready to move with it or not.

Last night there was a picnic for the inbound and outbound Rotary students and their families in the  State College Area. The Picninc was held at a little pavillion in Pleasant Gap and all the food was cooked by our very own Carl Hill . The evening was spent just chatting about our memories and our futures.


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