It’s Here!

My VISA arrived today! Wahoooooooooo! I am so relieved that it came so quickly and now I do not have to worry about it being rejected. My paperwork is sent and I should be getting plane tickets in the next few weeks. It is hard to believe that this is actually happening. I have already started packing. I’ve decided that I will do it little by little so that the night before I will be all ready to go.

I do not have much “packed” yet but I have a few things. Two sweaters, an umbrella, a hat and gloves… I’ll be prepared for winter  when it comes knocking on my door.


2 thoughts on “It’s Here!

  1. I love this, I think it is a great idea for you to write here things about your year that way you wont need to explain 1000 time to everyone the same history but yes to me! xD
    Love you and miss you.
    PS: Not really ready for winter if your are going to walk around with a sweater and naiked legs hahahaha

    1. You are my first comment on here. YAY. I thought this summer I would start getting into the blogging so that I get into a habit and hopefully I will keep it up. Right now I am not too good about it but I think I am getting better (hopefully). Oh and I totally agree about the naked legs… I might decide to pack some pants as well 🙂
      Love and Miss you too !
      ❤ Em

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