Urban Outfitters, please stop stealing my money!

I was in shopping heaven today as I was lucky to get the chance to wonder around the King Of Prussia mall for a few hours. KOP is like a whole new world where (if you like to shop like I do) you find yourself meandering aimlessly, only a few steps away from another boutique that pulls you in. It can also take a heavy hit on your wallet if you’re not careful. And that brings me to Urban Outfitters. I can’t get enough of the place (I have already been there three times this summer, pretty amazing considering I don’t live near one). Each time I go in there I get lost in the assorted clothing, books and other nick knacks they have and there is always something new I add to my wish list but Christmas is still pretty far away. So I have been indulging myself, trying to justify my shopping sprees with the fact that I know that clothing in France will be much more expensive than I am used to and so I better stock up! That, my friends, is my rationale and I am going to stick with it. But now I plead to you Urban Outfitters, please make some ugly clothing so I do not want to buy everything I see the next time I stop by to visit you.

❤ Em


One thought on “Urban Outfitters, please stop stealing my money!

  1. Omg if you are being in trouble there to not buy everything you see you have a biger problem to play with because ¡¡¡YOU ARE GOING TO THE EUROPIAN FASHION COUNTRY!!!- I just though that information will be important to have on mind.
    Love you and miss you and will be sending you a pair of Aladin pans to france one’s you get me the adress
    ❤ Silly pooh

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