Skytop 2011

Hello everyone 🙂

On Sunday I got back from the Fivek Family Reunion 2011. Every year all 16 of us head off to the Pocono Mountains where we spend a long weekend at the Skytop Lodge. We have been going to Skytop for seven years now so the lodge is as familiar as home. I look forward to this weekend every year because I love spending time with my  family  and this is one of two times a year that we get all together. This year was especially important because I wont be seeing my family for 12 months now since I will miss the Fivek Family Christmas as I will be in France (just in case you forgot)

Anyway, this trip to Skytop was so much fun. We  swam a lot and did many workouts, including an arm workout with killer arm circles (not sure how we survived that one). In the lake there was a huge blow up water slide, which I did not get a picture of because I forgot to take my camera with me to the lake. After some convincing, my cousin Emily agreed to go on the slide with me and we had such a blast!

The other days were filled with biking and climbing the beautiful water falls. Eating lot’s and lot’s of food (especially dessert) and having competitions on the DDR machine in the game room. And then there is the Grand March. The Grand March is a Skytop tradition that takes place every Saturday night. There is a live band that plays for a few hours and people just get out on the floor and dance. This year the theme was elvis and a lot of good sing dance music (too bad I didn’t have a partner who knew how to swing but we still had so much fun).  Then there is the elimination dance where you dance with your partner until the music stops and then you run to a number. Someone then spins the wheel and the group at the number that the wheel lands on is eliminated. Then finally after the elimination dance there is the famous Grand March. People line up in pairs in the center of the lobby and we march around to songs like “Grand Old Flag” and “Yankee Doodle”. At some point you team up with another pair and you snake in and out of all the others. It is very difficult to describe exactly what goes on and I am sure it sounds silly but it is so much fun to just be silly, march along, clap and sing with the music and all the other guests.

Enough of me writing, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.



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