Packing my life into ONE suitcase… not so easy

Hey there πŸ™‚

So I realize that I have had several posts about packing but the truth is that it is a constant part of my life right now. My closet is slowly emptying out as I add little by little to my suitcase that I have been packing for almost three weeks now. Crazy. It is getting pretty heavy, as it weighed in at 42.82 pounds today and I still have quite a few articles of clothing that need to go in, plus all my toiletries… what’s a girl to do? Lucky for me I have a smaller suitcase that can go as a carry-on ( I hope) and I guess I will just be packing some stuff into there. They say to make a pile of things you want to bring along and then put a third of it away, however, I don’t think I can do that. I should but there are so many things I want to bring with me and certain things I just don’t think I can live without (that’s a little dramatic but you get the picture). I am sacrificing a few things like my winter coat, my countless pairs of flannel pajama pants and my favorite sweatshirts.

This week will be jam-packed with activity and I am sure that since it is my last full week in State College it is going to zoom by and before I know it I’ll be on a plane to Paris. As of right now I am feeling a little sad because I am realizing that I am going to miss all the wonderful people in my life so very much. On the other hand I am so excited to be headed off on this adventure and to meet other wonderful people along the way. I am also really looking forward to speaking French all the time. I think that is one of the things that I am most looking forward to.

I don’t know how much time I will have to blog but I will try to fit at least one more post in before I leave nine days from now (not that I am counting the days or anything).

❀ Em


2 thoughts on “Packing my life into ONE suitcase… not so easy

  1. As your big brother, I must say I am very proud of you for your decision in going abroad for a year… I am sure it will be the best year of your life… I hope you meet awesome people like I did… If we dont get to talk before you leave, Have a safe trip and tell me when you get there…
    Miss you, Kev xD

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