Today has been a long day. I did not get much sleep last night because my awesome cousin and I stayed up late chatting about boys (our favorite topic) and then we had to get up early because it was a horse show Sunday! Wahoo! My mom and I switched roles today: she showed and I was the groom! How weird. It was a great day. Both my mom and bailey (my horse) were really good and I am so proud of them both. On our way home from the show we had to wait out a storm, complete with hail, under a bridge! It was an interesting ride. Then I spent some time packing yet again. After some time spent on that I went to town and picked up some of my beautiful girlfriends who came over for pizza and ice cream sundays. Once everyone was really full we just chatted and had a good time catching up on everything that has happened during the summer. And then we went dorm hoping and met many excited students who are about to start their freshman year of college tomorrow. Now I am home just catching up on a few things before bed. Over all I must say it has been a really great yet tiring day.