I’m here!

I finally made it to my new home of France! I left yesterday at 2 in the afternoon and after about 26 hours I am safe and sound at my Rotary Counselor’s beautiful house 15 kilometers outside of Saumur. I will spend a week here with her and her husband before moving into Saumur with my first family.
I won’t put any pictures up until I figure out how to get internet on my laptop because right now I am using the house coputer which has a French keyboard and is therefore somewhat difficult for me to type on.
Anyway, I have only gotten about two hours, if that, of sleep in the past 30 hours or so. It has been quite a long voyage. Emily and I flew out of state college around 2 pm and while we were in the air there was an earth quake! we arrived in Washington dullus where we met up with 53 other students heading to France. 7 hours and one very smooth ride later we landed in Paris and were greated by several Rotarians. Then my district, 1510, took the shuttle to a hotel where we waited for about 5 hours before getting on a bus for another 3 or so, some students had longer trips, and then I was dropped off and picked up by my counselor and her husband. We had a nice drive to their house and then a dinner and now I am finally ready to hit the sack as it is 10 20 pm here.
Good night all!
Stay tuned 🙂


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