Scenes from Fontevraud- L’Abbaye

George and His Beautiful Château 🙂

Château de Brézé 


3 thoughts on “Scenes from Fontevraud- L’Abbaye

  1. Emma! Your blogs and photos are so beautiful ! So proud of the young woman you are and so happy that you get to have this wonderful experience which will provide you with memories to last a lifetime…I am enjoying reading your blog postings…thanks for allowing us to tag along with you on your adventures in France!

  2. Emma, what a beautiful place! I know you will cherish this trip for a lifetime. I am so glad you have arrived safely and seem to be having a good time and taking everything in. What a great opportunity. I have tried to skype with you several times, once when Emily was here. I will catch up with you eventually I am sure. No worries. Have a great time.

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