To My Readers…

This post is dedicated to you.

I just want to say thank you all for following my blog and for all the wonderful and encouraging comments. I really appreciate it! You guys are what makes me want to keep writing and it is so rewarding to know that someone is out there reading what I have to say. I hope you continue to find my posts interesting and enjoyable to read.

I am entering my third week and I must say that I am having such a fantastic time. Although the school days are long I really enjoy being there, meeting new people and speaking French. I have found that I have way too many English classes. You would think it would be a relief to speak some English during the day, but really I would much rather be speaking French or learning a third language. I figure I can speak English for the rest of my life after this year, so I really want to concentrate on becoming fluent. Hopefully within the next few weeks I will be able to switch into some other classes.

There are some moments I must admit are very frustrating. I find the most difficult thing so far is trying to speak within a large group of people. I have trouble following the conversation because it changes very rapidly. So generally I remain quiet and just attempt to understand. There are moments when I feel like I will never be fluent and there are others where I speak and understand much much better.  And sometimes no matter how hard I try I just can’t get the words out. The language barrier is a constant up and down  and it continuously challenges me. Never a dull moment I must say.

Anyway, more to come with pictures soon 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!



2 thoughts on “To My Readers…

    1. Hey Teresa!
      We do have math here it just depends what track you are on. I am on a literary track so I don’t have to take it although you can take it as one of your options if you want to but I am really not a math person 🙂

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