“Dress Code”

Hello State College Pennsylvania 🙂

Today I broke a fashion law and wore my Penn State sweatshirt to school. I only had two hours of class so I figured it wouldn’t be a serious crime to dress down a little. But that is something I would like to comment on. Here no one will ever ask you “why do you get so dressed up to go to school?” I mean I guess if you were to wear a ball gown you might get a few strange looks but other than that it is customary practice to dress well for school.

At home I would never hesitate to throw on a tee-shirt and running shorts to wear to school, or even a sweatshirt and sweatpants. At home it is not unusual to go to school, or even to the grocery store for that matter, looking like you just rolled out of bed ten minutes before arriving. Here however, if I were to show up at school in my sweatpants  I would be willing to bet that someone would ask me why I came to school in my pyjamas.

One other thing I noticed about the “dress code” is that  long pants are standard for gym class. The first day of gym I was the only one in the whole class who wore shorts. Then, as it was my last class of the day I saw no point in changing out of my tee-shirt and shorts to walk home. Upon my arrival, Marie (my host sister) shot me a funny look and said “You wore that to school today?”. Luckily the answer was no 🙂

Something I find very refreshing about the way the guys dress here is that they don’t wear their pants halfway down there legs so that everyone can see what color boxers they are wearing. Just thought I would mention it 😉

I am still picking up on a subtle differences between my life here in Saumur and my life at home in State College. I am sure that will be the case all year round.

What I come back to every time  is a quote that I heard several times before my departure: “It’s not better, it’s not worse, it’s different”. 



2 thoughts on ““Dress Code”

  1. Emma do you remember how I explained to you that in Spain you will never were sweatpans to school because people will look at you like you are crazy and discusting!???
    Now you know what I meant!
    Miss you terribly!

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