If I had any expectations for this exchange, one thing I never would have guessed is that my home town would be rocked by a scandal like never before. CAUTION: If you are not from the U.S. or you are not a major American football fan, you most likely will not understand what I am talking about. Although I am on the other side of the world, my heart is in State College  today. I have seen so many facebook status’ and I have read many articles relating to this subject.  Yes, what those men are accused of is TERRIBLE ( I won’t pretend it isn’t) and if they are guilty they rightly deserve what is coming for them. Nonetheless, I am and always will be proud to say “We ARE… Penn State!” Those words have been ringing in my ears since I was born more than 18.5 years ago and I am not going to let the actions of a small group of men shatter that pride.

In one of the aforementioned articles that I read, there was a comment that declared: “Happy Valley is not Happy Valley anymore” I beg to differ. In case that person hasn’t noticed, Happy Valley is, last time I checked anyway, a thriving community that more than 42,000 people call home (not to mention an additional 40,000 students who live there). In addition, Happy Valley is home to one the nation’s top and best known public universities, the largest student run philanthropic organization in the world, a four-time national championship women’s volleyball team, an amazing festival of the arts, the headquarters of one of the largest private weather forecasting companies in the world (none other than AccuWeather itself) and much, much more… I would say that despite “recent” events, Happy Valley still has a lot to be happy for.