Today marks the third month anniversary of my departure and tomorrow I will have officially been in France for three months. I realize that in the scheme of things three months really is NOT that long but at the same time it can make all the difference. Tomorrow and Friday may prove be two of the hardest days yet as I will be missing out on more than one of my favorite traditions. Luckily I will be busy because this weekend is a big one for my host family and I. My host dad is a neurologist and one weekend every year he hosts a conference for other neurologists in France. The festivities start tomorrow  and so hopefully I won’t be spending too much time thinking about the pumpkin pie that I will not be eating. I think I will survive though because I know that tomorrow I will be eating a lot of delicious cheese which might make up for it (at least for this year). Friday will be a little sad as well because I know that while I am sitting through my first hour of history for the day, my mom, my aunt and my cousin will be waking up (around 4 a.m.) and getting ready to be heading to the Exton Square Mall (I think that’s the name) for some Black Friday Shopping, which is our sacred tradition that I absolutely love.

Anyway, recently I have been preparing my presentation that I will give to my Rotary Club the 20th of December. It is going to be about 15 minutes long and I will be talking about my country, my state, my town, my family and friends ect… I have started to make my power point and doing so has made me appreciate my country, my town and my culture so much more. When I start to think about it there is so much I want to share and so much I want to explain! I have always been proud of where I come from but I am starting to realize just how much I love it. Last Wednesday I received a care package from mom and dad and inside there was peanut butter. So on Monday I took it to school with me for my friends to try. For most of them it was the first time that they were tasting it and they loved it! It felt really good to share something from home, even if it was just a simple thing. I think one of the things that I have learned here so far is that it really is the small things that count…

My Care Package 🙂 ^

Just a few little things I have discovered here that I use on a regular basis:

I had never used a machine that both peels and cuts your apple at the same time. So useful.

What can I say? All the nuts are “pre-cracked” where I come from 🙂

A few other things that  have changed:

I walk to and from school.

I don’t really snack (by that I mean that I don’t eat chips, wheat thins, pretzels ect…) but I do eat a lot more bread.

For the last three months I have lived without a t.v. in the house and I actually really love it. It is a refreshing change.

This one’s for you mom and dad (prepare to be amazed):

I actually put my dirty dishes in the dishwasher and I unload it when it needs to be unloaded! (I know you guys are probably speechless)

A few things that have not changed:

I still wait until the last possible minute to get out of bed.

I also procrastinate with assignments and wait until the night before it’s due to do it (hopefully I will break that habit before the end of the year)

I still spend too much time on facebook

And I am still addicted to chocolate.

Let’s see where I am in another three months!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends and all the other exchange students out there who will be missing out this year!