“Grades, grades, grades”

So I was thinking of a topic to write about for this week and I have decided to briefly explain the French grading system which differs rather greatly from the American one. No they don’t go by letter grades or percentages. In fact, every assignment and test is graded out of 20 points with the occasional 10 pointer in there. Let me just say that 20/20 is very difficult to attain. On the contrary, anything above 10/20 is considered to be “not bad” (in high school anyway) and once you surpass 15/20 your into the “good grades” with 18/20 and 19/20 being super “notes”.

So in each class, at the end of the trimester you are given a grade out of 20 and then the averages for each class are all added together and then averaged to give just one grade out of 20 and that is your “moyen” (average) for the trimester. Keep in mind that here, our averages are not based on 20 assignments, 3 quizzes and two major tests (just an example), oh no. Here, our grades may be based on the two “devoirs” (tests, which are NOT multiple choice) that we took during the trimester and the occasional “devoir maison” (home work assignment) and so at the end of the trimester you can’t really count on your homework grade to bring up your overall grade because the teachers don’t usually verify if you do your homework or not. (Just something to think about)

Anyway, at the end of the year you have three grades, and the grade from the 3rd trimester is a deal breaker because that is the one that really decides if you move on to the next grade level or if you “redouble” (get held back a year).

For the last two years of high school it’s a bit more complicated because there is a huge test at the end called the “bac” and if you fail the “bac” you have to re-do the year.

I’ll be explaining that more in detail in another post but for now all I have to say is that I am so thankful not to be obligated to take the “bac” to finish high school. 🙂

Well that’s it for now .

Have a great weekend!




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