Old Man Winter Has Finally Arrived

Well well well after two months of rather mild weather here in Saumur we finally have some snow. In this part of the country snow is a rather big deal because  it usually only falls once a year and it doesn’t stay very long which means that we have to take advantage of it. It also means that they aren’t equipped for snow around here which means that there aren’t any snow plows that pass at 6 a.m. in front of the house. It just so happens that in the past week it has snowed twice (I think I stole the snow from happy valley and brought it with me). Last Monday it started to snow around 8 a.m. and it snowed all day. Naturally, everyone was very distracted. One of the benefits about not being equipped for snow is that as soon as there is about a quarter of an inch, school gets let out early and then the next day the buses don’t pass to pick up the kids. It’s a rather odd experience the “snow days” in France because the schools don’t actually close, there are just very few people who show up.  Anyway, back to Monday. So we had just started our second hour of history when we were told to pack up because the buses were coming early. Then on Tuesday I went to school because I live in town and the school was very empty. In my class of 24 people there were 7 who came and in Italian we were only 3. We did do some work but in French class we spent one hour working and then the second hour playing a game. Then on Wednesday everyone was back at school.

It was a rather cool experience to be at school with so few people. Nice and calm.

Anyway, last night it snowed again and more this time ( we have about 5 inches I would say) and so tomorrow almost no one will be at school. This works out very well for me because tonight I am going to watch the Super Bowl with my host brother and a friend (I think I have ended up in one of the few families in France that appreciates football). The hard part about watching it here is that it’s on a Sunday night and it starts at 12 30 a.m and go’s til’ 3 30 a.m. so for once I drank some coffee after dinner.

Today I took a walk in the snow with my host parents and it was really refreshing. Plus, everything is so beautiful with the fresh snow so I borrowed my “sister’s” camera to snap some pictures.

I just have one last thing to say: GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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