Today I got out of school a little early and my friend and I went into town to one of my favorite stores : L’Espace Culturel (it’s similar to a Barnes and Nobel) I could seriously spend hours just sitting and reading.

Today I picked up a book on travel which I only briefly skimmed but did fail to make me want to pack up my bags and set off for an adventure. I am just so frustrated by the fact that the world is so big and there are so many wonderful things to see that it’s just not possible to see it all (sorry to be a¬†pessimist). This thought stresses me out. I know I am only 18 (19 in a few weeks ) but still, life is short. I have no idea how I am going to have the time to see everything I would like see, let alone pay for it. Even if money did grow on trees or traveling was free (what a wonderful idea) I wouldn’t know where to begin. There are certain things that are super touristy and then places that have yet to be discovered and I guess I want to see my fair share of both.

I would love to know where your guy’s favorite travel destinations are so leave a comment if you like! I am going to start making a list of where I need to go!

I should probably be getting to bed.

Have a wonderful afternoon/ night depending on where you are!



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