Not a day like all the others

Today is a very important day for several reasons: 

1) Today I am officially 19 years old

2) It is the official 7 month anniversary of my arrival in France. 


Let’s start with the 7 month anniversary. OH LA VACHE! I can’t believe how fast the time is going. When they told us at the beginning of our exchange that it would fly by they were NOT joking. Here I am 7 months later and now I have to think about life after exchange. What a crazy idea. I guess when we are all packed up and ready to go and we are saying goodbye to friends and family, 10 months seems like  quite a long time. In reality, 10 months is really not long enough. So here is a message to any future exchange students out there, you might be really tired of hearing it but take advantage of every opportunity. Don’t waste a single minute wishing to be back home because you are going to close your eyes for what seems like 2 seconds and when you open them it’s going to be time to do just that. 

As for my birthday it’s been pretty great so far. I started celebrating yesterday afternoon and last night we had a great home-made cheese soufflé topped off with a yummy chocolate-caramel cake for dessert! I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many great people over here who have gone out of their way to make this year fantastic and memorable for me and my birthday has been no exception. 


Merci à tous mes amis, mes deux familles et les rotariens qui étaient là avec moi les sept derniers mois. C’est à vous que je dois cette expérience vraiment merveilleuse! (vous m’excuserez pour les fautes que je fais en français 🙂 






2 thoughts on “Not a day like all the others


    Just got your postcard and we thank you so much for thinking of us! It is fun hearing (reading) all your adventures and life in France in this blog. You have such a great attitude about it all.

    We are so glad you are having a great time and all the best!

    Love, The Moose Family (Meg, Clark, Nick, and Lauren)

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