Euro-tour 2012: Paris- Strasbourg

Hello there !

It’s been a while since I have last posted  and I apologize for my absence but I do have a good excuse. From Friday April 13 to Tuesday April 24 I was in a bus with 50 other Rotary exchange students doing some traveling. I must say that apart from a few glitches the trip was marvelous and went very smoothly.

Since I have a lot to write about and a lot of pictures to post I am going to do a series of posts relating to this trip so stay tuned!

Day 1: Paris

On Friday morning I got up early and took the train to Paris. Some people are not fans of taking the train but I absolutely love it. Getting back to the subject… In the morning after having found the group, we had some free time. At one point I was talking to our chaperones and they were asking me where I was from and when I told them Pennsylvania they told me that there was a guy on our trip who was also from P.A. so I ended up talking to him and it turns out that he is from Pittsburgh and is going to PSU next year… what a small world.

Friday afternoon we had a guided tour of Paris and our guide was the best one we had during the trip. He was peppy, easy to listen to and full of small anecdotes that made the visit more interesting. Every time I have been to Paris I am always enchanted by the architecture and I take a multitude of pictures. I love the white stone and the rounded corners of buildings and then the black railings of the balconies. One of the several things I discovered on this particular day in Paris was the “lover’s bridge”. The idea is to go to the bridge with your sweet-heart, take a lock and place it on one of railings of the bridge and lock it before throwing the key into the Seine river just bellow, that way your love will last forever.  I also learned that, to my surprise, the most visited site in Paris is not the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame but Disney Land Paris with 20 million visitors annually.

Gare de Lyon ^

George Washington^

After our tour we drove to Reims where we spent the night before getting up the next morning and hitting the road to go to Strasbourg.

Day 2: Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a city in northeastern France in the Alsace region (a.k.a. not far from the German border). It is known for its cathedral, which is breathtaking. For lunch we ate a special tart called “Tarte Flambée”. It is similar to a pizza but the crust is much thinner and the traditional toppings are little ham bits and cheese. It was quite yummy! After lunch we took a tour in a “bateau mouche” up and down the river but unfortunately I don’t seem to have absorbed much of the information. I can tell you though that Strasbourg is a very beautiful and colorful city. The architecture is very different from that of Paris. After our tour we had some free time and so we did some exploring and of course a bit of shopping. In front of the cathedral there was a man who sang and I wish I had taken a video because is voice was so unique and beautiful… it was hard to believe that it was actually coming from his mouth.

Well that’s it for now.

Next up is Nuremberg, Germany and Prague, Czech Republic

❤ Em


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