Nuremberg, Germany

I should probably be hitting the sack or better yet be doing some homework but I figured I would get a quick post in… who needs sleep or good grades anyway??

So the next stop on our big tour was Nuremberg Germany. I have to say that crossing the German border was very nonchalant. I guess I was expecting to have a big sign saying something like ” Welcome to Germany” (in German of course) like we have in the states when you cross into another state. I would not have known that we had crossed the border if our driver, Nicolas, had not said “Bienvenu en Allemagne”.

Bref, we got off the bus and the first thing we were told was to stay out of the cyclist’s way because they have the right of way and will plow you over if you get in front of them.

For lunch we ended going to a nearby carnival/ fair. Unfortunately it was pretty dreary weather but we managed to find a restaurant with sheltered tables. Our waitress was really nice and we got to talking and we explained to her what we were doing there and it turns out that she had been on exchange in Kansas (so of course her English was really good) and the food was yummy.

After lunch we had a guided tour of the city but it was mostly a history lesson. If you are not already aware, Nuremberg was the Nazi headquarters while Hitler was in power. Between 1927 and 1938 the Nazis held their annual rallies there. The city was also the site of the 10 month trails that were held after the war to condem Nazi war criminals.

Above is what remains of the Nazi Rally Grounds

This is a picture from one of the rallies before the war. A bit of a difference huh? Here is a little history of the stadium:

The cathedral of light:

Hitler would arrive by this door and walk down the steps to meet the hundreds of thousands of people waiting below.

It was a bit strange knowing that I was standing where Hitler once stood but since I am really interested by that period in history and I studied it in history this year I did honestly enjoy the visit.

After our visit we had some free time to wander around the down town area which was rather pretty but there was not much open because it was Sunday. Here are just a few things we passed by:

I hope you guys enjoyed!

Bonne soirée,



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