Next Stop: Praha!

The next stop on our trip was Prague:

We were lucky enough to get to spend about a day and a half in Prague and we had two guided tours so we saw a good bit of the city. What I really appreciated about Prague was how colorful it was. I tried to capture that in my pictures but I’m not so sure I was successful. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! 

On the second day we visited the cathedral:

The guards are very serious about their work. One of the girls from our group decided to get up close to him and stick her tongue out  and in response he took the end of his gun and slammed it into the ground while grunting. Afterwards our guide explained to us that in Prague you can’t kid around with the guards like you can in London.

For lunch we had “old Czech ham” with rye bread (not a big fan) and potatoes with “bacon” bits. It was quite yummy. Afterwards for dessert we had another Czech specialty but I’m not sure of it’s name. It was kind of like a sugary pretzel and so good!

Something else to know about the Czech Republic is that they use Czech Koruns instead of the Euro. I might just say that paying was a bit confusing because it was hard to know how much we were actually spending. We did learn that one euro was roughly 24 koruns and I read on a sign somewhere that one dollar was the equivalent of 17 koruns.

I found that some people were rather friendly and open while others  seemed to be quite reserved. On the other hand who am I to judge? I really wasn’t there too long so these are just the impressions I got.

Well I must be getting off to bed. Have a great evening!




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