Wien (Vienna)

Mozart was not born in Vienna but spent the last 10 years of his life there. I must admit that before our tour I didn’t know that Mozart was Austrian… I guess I didn’t pay too much attention in music class when I was younger.

Not sure I agree with that one but hey everyone’s got their own opinion.

I don’t seem to have taken that many pictures of Vienna but I did appreciate it. It seemed to me to be a more modern city architecturally speaking but like the others it is filled with history which I need to brush up on. Vienna is the capital of Austria (for those of you who were not sure) and it is situated on the Danube Canal. If I am not mistaken you can take the boat to the Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, situated at 65 kilometers. I learned on our guided tour that Vienna is home to the oldest German-speaking university in the world, founded in 1365, and was also the capital of the Austrian empire until 1918 when it became the capitol of the first Austrian Republic.

The day after our visit in Vienna we spent the day on the road and something I can say about driving through Austria is that the scenery is absolutely breath-taking because the country is covered in the mountains. Here is just a taste:


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